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From what I can gather, your problem may be bass trap. As in, it's not plural.
I'll try to post a picture of my room this week if I can find a camera but for now I'll try to explain.

My room is open to the rest of the basement like I said so in theroy I only got 3 walls that I can cover cause this little spot is my place, I can't touch to the rest of the basement cause I still live with my dad and that would piss him off if I'd cover his room my traps lol

On one of my 3 walls, one is covered with a huge library made with glass which I cover with a big and thick theater curtain.

So I now have only two walls that I could put bass traps on, one of those 2 remaining walls got a window on it, about 3 3/4' from the floor so 4" high traps wouldn't fit, I'd have to make or order them custom.

I measured the remaining wall this morning and I could fit 4 bass traps on it and probably 3 smaller one on the other wall.

Would that make a difference?