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Old 17th December 2008
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Allright, so I did my bass trap about 2 weeks ago.

It helped me to get an ok tone from my drum with two mics only using the recorderman technique.

Now last night I tried to close mic the full kit.

It was the first time I did that with my drum, last time I fully miced a kit was with another drummer's kit which was completely different sounding than mine (he was using birch, mine is mapple), the tuning was for metal, mine is fatter, better for rock and stuff like that.

Well let me tell you this, what a disapointment.

The other drum I miced sounded pretty good but not that punchy (I fixed that during the mix though).

But mine just sounded boomy in the low mids (WAY too much), ringy, not clear at all with almost no definition, no crackle on the snare.
The kick and floor were ok though.
It sounds good when I'm behind the drum though...

This problem seems to relate to problems I get with other instrument as well.
Maybe I just got lucky with the other drum I recorded???

Does this sound like a bad room to you?

At first I would think that adding bass trap would remove even more punch but I most be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.
My room is about 10' by 10' but there's only 3 walls so it's open to the rest of the basement.