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posted by cram:
That's kinda what I've been figuring guys. I just have no experience in this area, so I didn't know how it was done. It seemed a little early to be talking about music, but what the hell do I know?

If you REALLY want to see if they're serious, try this:

Tell them you use a 3-stage billing process.

50% of your total bill is due in advance. That's phase one.

After you've scored the rough cut, bill them another 25% when you show them the cut. That's phase two. They're gonna want you to make some changes to the score at this point, so tell them, "Be VERY specific, because you get ONE free set of changes, and you will be BILLED for subsequent trips back the the drawing board."

So make the changes, and bill them the final 25% upon delivery of the masters, BUT GET THE $$$ BEFORE/WHEN YOU DELIVER. That's phase three.

That is the safest method of getting the work done in the shortest time possible, getting your $$$ and getting these people out of your life...and when this is done, you WILL want to get these people out of your life.

Good luck and keep yer powder dry!