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NPNG preamp, quick review

Every now and then there´s this poll where men are asked what their dream woman looks like. The winner usually ends up with something like Angelina Jolie´s lips, Scarlett Johanson´s nose, Halle Berry´s eyes and Julia Roberts´hair. Then they photoshop it into a picture that looks absolutely horrible, it just doesn´t work.

So when I imagine the ultimate preamp it´s along the same lines. Can I please have the size, dimension and smoothness of the best tube designs, the authority and density of a neve, the forwardness of an api and the clarity and crystal top of a GML ? All this topped off with lightning fast transient response, wide stereo image and a very musical behavior. I´d also like it to sound a couple of inches more in my face than the rest of the bunch. Oh, and can I please get a PSU worthy of driving a small console and overall top notch quality in build and components ?

Friends, meet the NPNG preamp. All the attributes above in a perfect blend.

It doesn´t sound like anything I´ve heard before. It is not a flattering preamp if the source sucks, it will definitely tell you like it is. But when you do get it right you will be generously rewarded. Detail, depth, authority... On the 2-buss as make-up gain for passive summing it was just sick.

On the Mercenary site Fletcher describes it as "jawdropping". Now that I´ve actually used the thing I fully agree.

Someone else commented that now that the NPNG is here, the Beatles and Zeppelin should be re-recorded. Well, maybe that´s pushing it, but just a little.