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Old 21st July 2005
Lives for gear

those behringer things arent compressors they are just **** boxs, they just make everything sound like crap. the behringer gates are decent on the cheep, not as clicky as the dbx
the 160s sound great, we use them alot on the main bus and lead vocals and bass and of course whereever else if we have enough of them for the show, personly i prefer a prefer something a bit cleaner esp on the main bus but it comes down to what ever sounds good. 166/266 are the work horse compressors but i would only buy them myself if i needed multiple channals straight away otherwise i would save for something better, as i am doing. the 1046 is a great 4ch work horse compressor/limiter and not wasting money on all those channals that dont need gates. we use dbx comps on everything while not the best they are just good goto comps that are affordable in the numbers we need

im not to sure about the presonus stuff but i havnt used them myself, they sound decent but i would take a 166/266/1046 over them. the ACP88 seems fairly cheep for 8 channals, i have heard they can be a pain to use. most of the presonus gear is overpriced here anyway so i bearly look at it.

what exacly do you need the comp on? while the rnc has its drawbacks i wouldnt dismiss it as they do sound great and at a similar price to a 166/266