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Incadesent lamps don't last forever. The festoon type lamp is good for about 1000 hours max. The cheap ones made in China are more like 500-600 hours. You can do the math on how long that lamp will last given your own circumstances. The short period when the lamp is turned off is when the filament will break from vibration.

I think the Pendulum gear uses Sifam meters with a "light box". The light box is available in two flavors; one that uses the festoon lamp and the other that uses (2) midget-flange lamps. A good Midget-flange 12V lamp can last for 10,000 hours. I've seen the innards of that gear but can't remember which style is used. The Sifam festoon sytle can be upgrade to the MF style.

Also... if the meter requires a 12V lamp, you might want to consider a 14V lamp. a bit less light, but will last much longer.