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It makes a huge difference to have a pro actually COME to your studio, examine the space, and THEN make decisions. I had Steven Kleins company come to my space in LA, thanks to slutz who recommended him. He layed out a great treatment plan that works in my budget, and they are extremely helpful and I feel welcomed to call (and I've called at least twice a day) with questions and such. Its good to know that as I'm asking questions, they are looking at a CAD of my room and can get very in depth.

Now as for installation, I'm working with two fellas who are making and installing the traps (which are 703 and 705 based) and they are VERY good at what they do and have very reasonable rates. They are young guys and could use the work so email me if you want to find out more.

Room design and monitor choice are so important, don't skimp on it! Remixing a song 15 times to get it to sound right in your car SUCKS!