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a long time ago i ripped nevermind into the daw and took a look at the wave-form. dynamic in comparison to my pre-masters!

i think all good mixers are about trying to achieve maximum illusion for minimum voltage, and anyone who's REALLY good at that has maximized thier mixes loudness potential so that it can be further increased by the ME.

so while saturation may be a part of that, it's also about juggling frequencies and making room for everything to sit well. anyone can make a hot mix or master, but at the same rms Andy Wallace or anyone of his calibre is going to have a mix that is percieved as bigger and this is because of their superior effeciency with the headroom they have.

i hate listening to his mixes! they're mushy but defined, wet but up front, punchy but soft and easy on the ears... all the instruments are defined without any harshness. my ego can't take it.