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those tweeters are beryllium ,
beryllium does not break in. its a verry hard unmaleable material,
cannot break in.
thats why KRK in expose mixed beryllium with aluminium.
just google or yahoo about it.

break in means to me: bad manufacturing process, computers do not need to break-in, cell phones do not breakin, GPS do not breakin, microwave ovens do not break in, tvs do not break in, mouse do not break in, keyboards do not break in, clocks do not breakin,

some things are mean to last. i remember chair tests in some factory, 100kgs. 1 per second, 24h a day for a week or month.

chairs do not break in.
materials just give up under too much stress.
car breaks do not break in, just wear enought to allow more friction.

some soft dome tweeters do break in becouse are soft.
titanium diaphragm does not break in.
20 year old titanum diaphragm sounds exactly the same today, if the voice coil or the crossover was not overstressed.

by logic its not the tweeter break in, must be your ears producing WAX to protect themselfs, your ears need 2 weeks to make enough wax.
or... maybe also the electronic components, magnets, voice coils, that do not have good thermal tolerance.

twin mid drivers sound blurr, you are just having a PLACEBO EFFECT in your brain.

take for example M-Audio EX66, blurr mids. or QSC dual 8inch,

its impossible that two of the same mid range audio sources, will produce a more defined/accurate sound.
not time aligned, not axial aligned,and not horn loaded.

twin mid drivers its just crap. unless one of the woofers has a lower low-pass filter, arround 100Hz upto less than 400Hz.

if you cannot hear it, you are in the wrong bussiness.

also the left and the right woofers are not time aligned when used like in the photo = more phase/time problems.

also inverted dome, "concentric" "parabolic" "concave" does not widen the sweet spot of the highs, the opposite, they focus the highs like a magnifier glass and the sun burning a paper.

if you are not in the perfect spot every time all the time, will not work.
you must screw your head.
thats why satelite dishes are inverted domes.

satelite dishes do not break in.
I don't want to start a Gearslutz pissing contest but breakin is very real.
You wrong on speakers(woofers loosen up ,tweeters mellow )
as well as audio products in general.
I work in a retail outlet(very high end audio)we have speakers,amps cd players dacs, tt's etc... , from 30 or 40 different companies all sorts of price tiers as well as design,I have personally broken in equipment from more manufactures than you can imagine.
If you think I would setup speakers from almost any manufacture with out break in time or with new amps out of the box or unused cables that have not been played and have a client hear on day 1 you are mistaken.
We have Systems that can range in the range of $100k even 3x that price, we are talking state of the art gear with great resolution +design etc....they all require break in time to sound the way they were designed to sound.
I have no doubt if you actually heard the same system on day 1 and then 1 week later you would be amazed!
It is an extremely unusual occurrence that any speaker , amp or cable doesn't sound better after some play time,typically 150-300 hours.

If you heard as much as we do in controlled environments with 10 different set of ears and opinions ,we all agree about the need for Break in time.