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I tried to do a mix but the tweeter was just killing my ears. I called Simon at Focal and aside from being very helpful he was very knowledgable about their speakers. He told me the Highs will get smoother with time...."yeah right" I said I heard that I kept on using them producing recording etc...and he was right! after another 2 weeks (yes they do take quite some time to break in and settle) the highs were just perfect.
Working on a mix I tought the tweeter was still a bit harsh...took the mix to my car and guess what? the mix was harsh!! I was so used to compensates high freqs with other monitors that I did the same thing with the Focal the difference is that the Twins will tell you the mix like it is.
To me it's a great thing!!! too much highs in the studio AND on other systems? great they translate perfectly.

The Mids are incredible. these speakers are great for mixing vocals. I found that I don't have to switch between 3 pairs of speakers to mix anymore. I can get the bass, mids and highs from the same monitors. that's a great plus for me.
The bass sound great and punchy. However I found that using a sub was necessary to mix sub freq. in Hip Hop music (808 subsine etc..) which is normal anyways. I only plug in the sub towards the end of the mix to check on the extra low freq. I don't need the sub to mix music with a "normal" amount of low end (Rock/ pop/ etc..)
the speakers do not fatigue my ears I just did 2 mixes in 1 day (from 10 am to 2 am) and I was more tired from hearing my clients whine about their record label then from the speakersheh

I just bought sound anchors monitor stands (again thanks to Simon for the advice). These things are Heavy!!! but they work great with the twins. I might be looking into getting some recoil but it might be overkill (I have mopads now)
in the end these are great speakers, look and sound awsome. It does take a while for them to properly break in but once they do, you will not need any other monitors to check your mixes on.
My NS 10 are now unplugged and my events are only used for clients when producing (If they blow the speakers I won't care).
the twins get a big +1 for me!

here are the focals in the studio (before the Sound anchors)
the tweeter was just killing my ears.
2 weeks later....
the speakers do not fatigue my ears ?

that sounds like something its wrong there.

those tweeters are beryllium ,
beryllium does not break in. its a verry hard unmaleable material,
cannot break in.
thats why KRK in expose mixed beryllium with aluminium.
just google or yahoo about it.

break in means to me: bad manufacturing process, computers do not need to break-in, cell phones do not breakin, GPS do not breakin, microwave ovens do not break in, tvs do not break in, mouse do not break in, keyboards do not break in, clocks do not breakin,

some things are mean to last. i remember chair tests in some factory, 100kgs. 1 per second, 24h a day for a week or month.

chairs do not break in.
materials just give up under too much stress.
car breaks do not break in, just wear enought to allow more friction.

some soft dome tweeters do break in becouse are soft.
titanium diaphragm does not break in.
20 year old titanum diaphragm sounds exactly the same today, if the voice coil or the crossover was not overstressed.

by logic its not the tweeter break in, must be your ears producing WAX to protect themselfs, your ears need 2 weeks to make enough wax.
or... maybe also the electronic components, magnets, voice coils, that do not have good thermal tolerance.

twin mid drivers sound blurr, you are just having a PLACEBO EFFECT in your brain.

take for example M-Audio EX66, blurr mids. or QSC dual 8inch,

its impossible that two of the same mid range audio sources, will produce a more defined/accurate sound.
not time aligned, not axial aligned,and not horn loaded.

twin mid drivers its just crap. unless one of the woofers has a lower low-pass filter, arround 100Hz upto less than 400Hz.

if you cannot hear it, you are in the wrong bussiness.

also the left and the right woofers are not time aligned when used like in the photo = more phase/time problems.

also inverted dome, "concentric" "parabolic" "concave" does not widen the sweet spot of the highs, the opposite, they focus the highs like a magnifier glass and the sun burning a paper.

if you are not in the perfect spot every time all the time, will not work.
you must screw your head.
thats why satelite dishes are inverted domes.

satelite dishes do not break in.