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Pendulum MDP1 Lights keep burning out?

I've owned and loved my Pendulum Audio MDP-1 since I bought it back in 2001. Since then I've had a consistant problem with the stupid light bulbs (behind the VU meters) burning out. I have the preamp in a rack with vents in the spaces above and below it. It gets good ventilation and it never leaves the rack...except for light bulb replacement. I've had Greg send me replacement bulbs two seperate times. In addition, I've used replacement car dome light bulbs purchased from an auto parts store that were a close put not perfect match. All eventually burn out in about 6 months.
I've had this unit plugged into power conditioners since I first started using it. Greg mentioned that some studios run their AC voltage higher than normal (126V-130V) which results in excess heat produced by the units. My Furman power strips, as well as the Furman balanced isolation transformer which feeds my whole studio, never show voltages of higher than 118V. I'm normally running between 110V and 114V. This seems OK to me.

I've contacted Greg a few times over the past few years and he's always been cool and sent me a few replacement bulbs. However, I'm sure he's growing tired of this. I use the unit regulary and am not too psyched about having ot send it back for service.

Anyone have this probelm with Pendulum or other gear? Any idea of what might me going on here? Something I can fix? A good source for replacement bulbs, etc.

I love this peice.