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Waves SSL channel question

I just got this package, and while it took almost no time to make it sound great, I'm a little confused at the metering/gain staging. Maybe this is just b/c I haven't spent a ton of time on SSL boards, but it seems like even if I crank the input level up to where it's just clipping on the meter, it's still not enough gain to really push the compressor hard even with the threshold all the way down, even with the ratio at medium to extreme settings. The compressor is hitting about 6db of reduction on the compressor meter at the peaks, with the threshold WAY down. And attack is set on auto mode. Meantime, the whole plug-in is clipping and turning red in the mixer window which is making me paranoid about digital clip noise, even though I'm not really hearing any. Can anybody enlighten me as to what I'm missing here? Is zero on the input meter really a true digital 0db or is there headroom beyond the top of the meter and should I be driving the input harder?