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assuming you have the decay and predelay dialed:

turn up the monitors nice and loud, 85db is my ideal. don't skimp on the volume here, you really need to be able to hear into this. solo the voice and the verb. turn up the send until you just begin to hear the verb *behind* the voice and around the ends of words. it shouldn't sound wet, wet is too much. just more weighted, a little deeper.

keep the volume up, and bring back the mix. if you nailed the send, you probably won't be able to hear the verb with the music going, but you'll miss it if you mute it. if you don't miss it when you mute it, begin to nudge the send up .5db at a time, while flicking that mute on the verb, until you do miss it when it's gone.

depending on the mix and the eq of the verb, you may or may not hear it with the music in, if you do it'll be super subtle and not audible to the average joe. but having reverb tucked back like that on all the primary, up-front elements will give the whole mix a sweet depth. the better you tuck it in, the longer the decay you can get away with too, which gives you options for creating mood and energy.

can't be overstated: predelay is crucial. shorter predelay makes the source sound farther away, which may or may not be what you want.

lastly, when the mix is done, mark the verb's fader and then play with it fearlessly. bring it way up, pull it way down, and listen to how the mood of the song changes in response. it you're like me, you'll end up liking something different than what you originally marked.

buss to tape, thank the muse, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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