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Originally Posted by Fletcher
You might want to check out some Josephson e22S's for the toms, maybe a Microtech Gefell M-300 for snare, a couple of Coles 4040's for overheads and a Gefell M****0 in the hole in the kik drum... ].
Fletcher, what kind of drum sound does that setup make? I'm quite interested....
Also, I have the Gefell UM900's which I'm going to use as overheads, what would you say those Coles do that these don't and vice versa? I haven't heard a ribbon on OH... as far as those josephson's on toms, compared to say a 421, is that more of a hifi tom sound? And that gefell M910, could you use that as the outside kick mic or would you use it buy it self inside the drum with no other mics? Just wondering.... haha