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Originally Posted by blackcom
Sorry, I just had to....seems like alot of people here actually has one of these two as their favourite near/mid-field speaker, so I just had to ask...

Which one do you like best, and why?

I really like the S3A cause they tell me when a mix sounds bad (even moore honest then the 8050 i'm trying out too) ...never tried the O300D, but very curious about them...

Someone mentioned the K+H almost being "too" flat compared to the S3A?

IMO the 0300D's out classed the ADAM's on these points just to name a few:

Imaging - The 0300D's have that 3D "hear into the mix" quality about them the ADAM's just didn't really have. Pan positions, verb tails, problem areas stand out clearly. Small changes are heard easily. Desperation is WIDE with the 0300D's. Height is all there.

Tighter bass responce - The low end is extended, tighter and translated better. Decisions here are accurate and made with confidence.

Mids are exceptional - just have to hear it. Clarity would be a good word here. ADAM's just weren't as defined in the mids and I know that's what many rave about. But it's true for me anyway.

Top end - IMO the ADAM's felt pushed. Ribbon or not. My ear dosen't really want that.

Translation - Everything I went to for reference had better balance from the 0300D's. Car to boom box to several home systems and a couple of rooms the K&H mixes stood better.

My ear wanted exactly what the 0300D's were giving. Or may be I should I say I prefer the way the 0300D's lie to me more than the ADAM's did.

I would give them a try if you can.