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Old 17th July 2005
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I was talkin about ebay but I was a little off. I remember I was lookin into selling mine a while back (tryin to downsize a bit) and I could swear I saw some goin for $650-$700 but I could be wrong. It looks like they are goin around $800 now which is still a pretty good deal. And yeah, if you have that much monitor space, the softLCD shouldnt be a problem.

If there is a demo mode, I havent ever seen it. I kinda think there isnt one.

I'm pretty sure it will control some eq plugs but honestly I havent ever tried because I've mostly used it in Cubase SX 1.06 which doesnt support it natively. All my experience with it so far has been in Mackie emulation. I need to try doin a session in DP and see what it can do.

Honestly, the only thing I use the control surface for is monitoring inputs, controlling my monitors, and writing automations. It is very nice to control myself riding the fader and then be able to smooth it out afterwards. Oh yeah, and the little wheely thing I use all the time as well.