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Old 17th July 2005
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i take it you own a 1884.
were have you seen an 1884 for as low as 650.. in know i can get the 1084 at that price but the 1884.. wow. give me that with 2 fe8's and i'll be fine.
the soft lcd.. perhaps i can try to put it on one screen...
i'm gonna have 2 20inch screens and a 42inch LCD on the wall behind the monitors.

i like the way the 1884 feel vs the mackie control, imo the faders feel better. plus it kinda looks like a mini pro control. for now i'ma use it as just a controller until we upgrade to the ID or thw system 5MC. i'm gonna go ahead and get the tascam with a 90-FW24-RR desk from argosy.

question, can you put the 1884 in demo mode like the pro control and it just goes off doing its own thing. i think for some clients that would be kinda cool but nothing special.. all they need to care about is the sound