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Originally Posted by Glenn Kuras View Post
If you are going for bass control go with

If going to dampen down the high end then go with

Honestly what you are going to need is BOTH 4" and 2" an a lot more of each. Bass control is the hardest part so start with the 4" but plan on needs more in the future. For the high end CHEAT and use thick blankets in the room for right now.

Yeah I know I need more but I'm broke and I'm still lucky I got those given to me
So I ain't gonna complain hehe

That's pretty much what I thought you'd answer, better go with quality instead of quantity, at that point should I just do one 6" thick trap?
Or maybe a 4" will control as much bass as a 6" one...

I like the idea of having a little control over my high too though, that way maybe I could get a better stereo imaging, especially for the hi-hat.

My room is about 11'x13' but it's open to the rest of the basement, my floor is covered with two sheet of plywood and my ceiling is absorbtive, there's a big bookcase made of glass on one of the wall in my little room but I can cover it with a sort of theater curtain and it seems to work ok.