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Originally Posted by covert
Wow, the anything old is vintage movement must really be kicking in. The mid seventies were the low point for fender qc, and the pbass necks were most like baseball bats.

On the other hand, if it sounds and plays right for you, then buy it. It might record better, it might not. It might inspire you too.
thats what I said, a "GOOD" vintage instrument.
if its a good player it will keep his value. and to be honest, if its not so good you will allways find somebody who thinks its good. or sell it on ebay

I use a 1980 squire Pbass, which is great. I would never sell it

yesterday I witnessed a young player thinking about his PRS- purchase after he played a track using my "vintage"1960 strat with the same amp setting (rectifire)

I have some clients who book my place because of my old guitars and synths