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Old 1st December 2008
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Hey Glenn I'd like your opinion here.

I got some old acoustic panel for free at work, they're ugly and not the good size for my room but I'll use the 703 in them to make some new and better looking panels.

I don't have a lot of 703 though so my options are limited.
I got one panel that's 2" thick and is 4' tall by 5' long and I got another one that is also 2" thick but it's 5' tall by 1' large.

Both panel are made from two 1" piece of 703 to make them 2" thick.

I thought I'd make 4' x 2' panels cause it seems to be the standard.

I did some test recently and found that the corner of my room is the sweet spot for my drum but I still need to have more control over my room, make it more even and controlled.

So I guess I got to place a bass trap in the corner and ideally I'd put one on each wall too for a total of three.

But I'm not sure what I should do.

-one 4" thick panel plus one 1" thick
-two 3" thick panels
-three 2" panels

That's all I can do for now, what would you do...more thinner panels or fewer thicker panels?