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Should I get this '73 p bass for recording?

Any advice appreciated. Money is tight here...
In your experience, if I record with a '73 p bass that I've found to sound amazing at the store, will it make a big difference over my average ibanez I I have at home (atk 300 - a musicman stingray copy, sounds pretty damn good, but very different from a fender passive design). Perhaps in a recording situation, and by the time it gets through someone's car speakers, it won't make that much of a difference? Basically, will that deep vintage sound I'm hearing live make it through to the recording and be audible to the listener, make a big difference in the vibe of the low end?

I was first going to get a mexican p bass, went to sam ash and tried every one they had. They sounded okay.
I just went to a local bass center and tried out (only p basses): 2 early 62 reissues, a real 1966 refin, a 73 and a 74. The 74 was the only one that had a maple neck, all the others rosewood. I immediately took the two 62 ri's out of the running, sounded great until I plugged in the older ones.

After everything the '74 sounded deep, beautiful, amazing. Lots of that maple board 'crack', perhaps this would be too much 'high's' in a recording even - would it disrupt the mix?(of course I could roll them off, but part of the reason I liked it more than the rosewood necks was because of that)

Unfortunately the guy is refusing to give me a 1 day approval. I wish I had a little while to record over some songs, see how it sits in a mix, compare it to my other bass. Once I walk out the door, it's almost 2 grand out the window. I just really don't know how much it will make a difference in my recording. I know it would be much more of a joy to play than my Ibanez, but I'm not playing bass in a band, just recording it myself. Perhaps just get a mexican? Any advice from your experience? I could really use the money to help produce my cd (mixing and mastering engineers), but I would have the bass forever.