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Originally Posted by djavid15
I suffer from anxiety problems, so I can't have people in the studio when I mix since I get nervous, and my creative juices never start flowing. It's the same way with alot of things. I can't play instruments well in front of people, but when I'm alone, I'm alot more relaxed, so I can really let loose. Anyone else suffer from this problem?
Yes, I get this too, but the studio is one of the places where I can relax and not suffer from anxiety problems now. Avoiding situations where you may feel these feelings is a sign that you are letting the problem rule your life, which is not a good thing.

I think there was a thread not so long ago about this, you're certainly not alone.

In terms of TRADE SECRETS, I think most of these guys are concerned that there really isn't anything unique or significant about them as mixers, and are concerned about being found out.