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Buying McDsp plugins second-hand...

Just wanted to mention this while it's fresh in my mind.

I figure it makes sense to buy plugins second-hand. A plugin usually doesn't need to be recapped, it doesn't get rack-rash, etc. Obviously you have to buy them from someone who's on the up-and-up.

There's a guy who sells Digidesign, and TDM + RTAS plugins along with Accel cards (I think he buys systems and liqudates them.) I've bought a few plugins from him, no problem at all. I figure that if the license is in your iLok account, you're good to go. Then I was reading the Transfer of Ownership FAQ on the McDsp website (which I stupidly hadn't done before.)

and I quote:

"Q) I want to buy a used McDSP plug-in, will I receive a new authorization and support if I do?

A) The license agreement does allow for a transfer of ownership or in this case the reselling of a plug-in but with conditions. Those conditions are that the seller must first be registered for what ever plug-ins they plan to sell with a valid serial number. Then they must acknowledge to McDSP in writing that they will forfeit all rights to support and updates for those plug-ins being sold. The seller must also list who the new user is who will be accepting the used plug-ins so that support can be properly transferred. And lastly the seller must provided the buyer with their first authorization. McDSP no longer has the ability to remove authorization from an iLok and place them back on a License Card chip. Therefore all authorizations must be handled through"

My mistake. I emailed the seller and asked him if he knew about this and would he mind completing the transaction? Obviously he hadn't read the FAQ either. I directed him to the FAQ and never heard from him again. I didn't expect much, at least an acknowledgement would have been nice.

As I said, my mistake. The plugin still works, and may work forever, but I'd feel really stupid if I had to buy it again (three or four in every session I have, I think.)

Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up on this.