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You might want to check out some Josephson e22S's for the toms, maybe a Microtech Gefell M-300 for snare, a couple of Coles 4040's for oerheads and a Gefell M****0 in the hole in the kik drum... [or the VM-1 in the kik]... I'd probably suggest the pre from the 737 for the snare, and some combination of the like the Avedis modded 312's for overheads with the Boutique 1272's for the toms and the vintage 312's for kik and H/H [the C-12 VR should work pretty good for H/H... try putting it over the spindle aimed away from the drummer towards the edge of the hat in like a hyper cardioid pattern and you might be very surprised... or it could suck and I'm a complete asshole].

Best of luck with it.