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When mixing acoustic drums I love how the overheads and room mics provide spaciousness for the kick and snare. When I mix drum machine or sample based tracks I tried a million things to try to make the Kick and Snare stereo. While I've succeeded in making them sound wider the center punch always seems to be the trade off.

Finally there are some really conveincing room verbs out there, but triggering samples of ambient hits is about the easiest way for me to make it sound like a record quickly. Sometimes I use an inverse or a gated reverb with a little HPF, sometimes flip the polarity of one side of its return. At times I've slight panned the kick to one side and used a 15ms delay time on the opposite side. The snare chain would mirror this, making the beat go left to right with the kick/snare pattern. Sometimes these things work other times it doesn't make that much of a difference within the context of the track.