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Originally Posted by minister
no, i understand about doppler being relative to movement. it happens when i MOVE the headphoes to my ears. once on my ears, it sounds consistenly sharp.

If it was doppler, the pitch would seem to rise as the waves compress (as in a train moving towards you with the horn sounding) but once they were on your ears (and therefore stationary) the pitch would return to it's original value.

The fact that the pitch rises as they approach your ears and the STAYS sharp means it's something else. Another way you can tell if it's doppler or not is to move them towards your ears very slowly. If the pitch rises at the same rate relative to position, it's not doppler. The train's horn doesn't rise if you walk towards a stationary one (well, not much .)

If a train moves towards you fast enough you hear the pitch of the horn rise, but if the train then stops next to you and blows the horn, the pitch is back to normal.

I do hear the pitch effect with headphones. It's another reason I love to use an SM7 and listen to myself through monitors.