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EQ's and Pultecs

My EQs use the same basic pasive networks but I then designed my own 3 tube balanced circuit that saves me an input transformer and I wanted atleast 28 dB output or 25 volts 20 to 20K. The bass is -1 dB at 5Hz and output is +20dB at 10Hz. Better than any of the op-amp solutions period. I have always been a bass fanatic. and want to here the size of the building, and know that the human body detects audio below 20Hz to 3 Hz by bone and chest cavity.
Here's a thought. Why do most PA and disco speakers resonate at about 60 Hz and most bass tracks peak between 60 and 90Hz. Because it makes women feel sexier dancing due to the fact that their organs resonate at about 60Hz.
Tim de P