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Originally Posted by RoundBadge
The singer in one of the bands I've been playing with ,used to be married to that thing![PRE K.C..]
You think that chick is a frightwig now??!she was REALLY scary back then..
A way beastier even more wasted version.. double YUUUCKKY!

Hah! Missed that the first time! No Sh*t! I remember those Hole gigs with the Imperial Butt Wizards, etc ! "Don't hate us because we're beautiful!" Nassty!

I do have to give her the prize for 'Most Improved Rock Band' though. After seeing some of those lousy early gigs, I saw Hole later and they rocked. And to be fair, I guess there are some pretty nasty dudes that we don't rag on as much.

You know what they say...

You can take the girl out of Jumbo's Clown Room, but you can't take Jumbo's Clown Room out of the girl!