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Originally posted by BrianT
For me, relative difficulty is not about genre. It's about arrangement and overly busy music.

I have a sliding scale with the two extremes being:

Simple = easy
Busy = PITA

Some genres are inherently busier than others, of course. But in most any genre, a good arrangement is soooooooooooo much easier to make into a great sounding record. It's a pity that I get to work on so few really good arrangements (even my own, I'm afraid). I think it's gone out of style.

Brian T
What Brian said, plus...

Crappy engineering always makes it more difficult then necessary.
Leakage, over compressing or EQing, plus poor performances makes it (almost) impossible to mix.

You can bust your chops to make it sound as good as you can, but you'll only get so far...

IMO, good musicians, nice sounding tracks make it so much easier to mix.
You are as good as the musicians and engineers you keep!