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Unhappy What I have tried

Thanks Jason, for taking the time. On to what I have tried:

1) Motu console was set up. 2408 MKII does display with I/O choices and have tried different set ups just in case.
2) The system records audio and METERS the playback when left on "no outputs enabled 1-2".
3) Playback is never heard despite setting up Audio midi device to PCI-324 for all options available.
4) Native Apple Sound is set to PCI-324 as input & output default, still no output on playback.
5) tried with different monitoring options and with & without "patchthru" activated.
6) Mono analog inputs are displayed individually 1-8 and can be changed.
7) No analog outputs except Buses (stereo or mono) can be selected.
8) I tried using master faders in tandem with the buses for output - NOTHING.
9) I tried a send for the helluvit - NOTHING.

10) I uninstalled and reinstalled Audiodesk 2 twice. The second time I reinstalled it after installing the latest OS 9.2 version of the drivers after changing my startup disk. NOTHING on playback.
11) I tried using audio assignments different ways - NOTHING.
12) As I mentioned, Audiodesk 1 (OS 9.2) is working with the same card, computer, etc,...

If you're still awake & you have an idea, please let me know!