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Question PCI-324 & AudioDesk 2 = no playback - HELP!

O.K. fellow Motu users,

I make the scary move to OSX (10.2.8) and my fears were soon justified by my inability to get playback from my 2408 MKII with a brand new Audiodesk V. 2.03 (software) which I purchased from an online store. Motu support tells me to verify that my card is still functioning with OS 9.2. It is.

Fortunately, I did not shell out the $149 that Motu wanted but got a deal on AudioDesk. However, wasted time, products that do not work and obviously impatient support staff do not make for a happy end user. So please:

HOW DO I GET PLAYBACK from PCI-324 WITH 2408 MKII, running OSX 2.8?!! (using a dual 533 G4)
OUTPUT OPTIONS show only buses (mono & stereo) & "no outputs enabled 1-2".

Please help, I'll send you a Christmas card!