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I know nuttin' about post, but I know slightly more about audio-for-picture. I've found a few sites:

I've been on a few freebie indie shoots. There's not exactly a huge film industry in Boston, but I suppose it's a good way to see what's up, get your feet wet, all that. I've found a few people through Craigslist. Someone told me that there is actually a need for audio people in Boston, and that a boom, shotgun mic and portaDAT would be enough to get started. Hmmm...

But anyway, I've found that on these Indie shoots, everyone else is as clueless as me! :-) The boom and shotgun need to be out of the picture (duh) and everyone needs to be silent (duh.) Well, maybe not so duh, as those things can be hard to do. I've put up room mics, too, just to see how they sound. (I don't think you're "supposed" to use the 4033 or Earthworks SR71 on set, but they sound fine.) I've heard plenty of horror stories about being on a "real" set, but the indie stuff is fun.

So N'Orleans is doing well, huh? Anyone hiring?? :-)