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I'm working on an 002rack system(Win XP)and the close thing i have made for post or film is an associate's copy of Sony Vegas and Adobe Premire software this he like me used to play around with. nothing more. I havent installed it yet. At the moment, I'm debating about doing a major upgrade and going with an that D-Command 16 pkg Digi has here

My associate works for a local news station here and had asked if i ever thought about doing post producting audio work. And said that I show look into it asap. The movie industry here in Louisiana is starting to move and I want to maybe be able to get got some of the business if possible. The State has also past legislation to give tax breaks to film companies and recording artists/Labels the do business here. I am going to upgrade to an HD system in the near future anyway and just wanted to be prepared. I just need to know what equipment does what? Maybe I can start of with the gear below as i learn and then as that end of the business starts to boom and can add more gear. What I may also do is take a few classes at one of the local colleges.

I saw this:

D-Command Main Unit
D-Command Fader Module
Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel Core
2 192 I/Os
Avid Mojo + Media Station|PT bundle
Smack! TDM
DigiDelivery Serv|LT
HDpack 3 (v6)