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Originally posted by studiojimi
the nerds rule.
Are you referring to N.E.R.D., or "The Neptunes"? If so, yeah, those guys do have a recognizable sound alright. Not my fav, but you can definitely tell that the dudes' that did the Kelis record did the Jay Z track, the Busta remix, the Britney Spears track, the 1st Justin single etc...

Originally posted by Dave Martin
Interesting - a couple of guys seem to imply that there are original sounds, but then lump several artists together, like "Jah Rule/J-Lo/Ashanti style" or the "Timberland/Missy/Hampton sound".
Jah Rule, J Lo, and Ashanti mainly use Irv Gotti and Se7en to produce their records. (Although not on J Lo's 1st record, which sounds totally different). Engineers Duro and Brian Springer do most of their engineering. Missy and Timb have been together for over a decade. They also use the same engineer (Jimmy Douglas) quite often as well, so their sound will obviously sound the same. So, yeah, they are lumped together. The sound of the producers and engineers often go with the artist, and are often even done in the same studios. Remember how similar that Bryan Adams record (Waking up the Neighbors?) was to the Def Leppard record (Hysteria?) that Mutt had also produced (with engineer Nigel Green if memory serves)? Same producers, same engineers, same thing...

Originally posted by cajonezzz
I for one would love a list of artists that you feel are innovative , and moreso the really obscure up n commers. could you post a few on this thread?
Sure, I'll bite. I assume you mean in the hip hop and R&B market.

Roots Maneuva... Run Come Save Me / Dub Come Save Me. In this case both the rapper and producer (Lord Gosh), I consider innovative. This is a UK based project, so you might check the import section.
Aesop Rock... Labor Days. Most of his production is weak sonically (El P does most of his production, and while it sounds 'street', it doesn't sound 'good'), but his rap style is the most innovative thing to come along in a long time. He'll spit something you'll understand a month later when watching the discovery channel. You could read his lyrics and tell he wrote them. No doubt he'll get pigeon toed with Emineem and Vanilla Ice.
Will.I.Am... Lost Change. For obvious reasons. This was part of the UK label BBE's 'producer series' (along with Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, Jay Dee, etc). Will (also member and producer for the group the Black Eyed Peas) is always looking into the future and coming up with new styles in production, and has some of the most studyable 'drops' (mutes of instruments) in the world. There's also a band called "Burning Star" out of LA that were supposed to have a song on this record, but it didn't make it. Their new record is incredible if you can find it outside of LA.
Cody Chestnut... The Headphone Masterpeice. Okay, the thritysomething songs on this record sound like total ****. But if you can see through the horrible production, you can hear really great songs from a really great performer. I recommend this only in terms of innovation of songwriting. He's the cat that did a song on the new piece of crap that the Roots put out. (I love the roots, but compare Illidelph to this steamy pile of oxen dung).
J Live... All of the Above. This is a much more mellow type of hip hop. It touches on the different subcultures within rap: b boys, backpackers, gangstas, etc... It's hailed as the "Blue Train" (John Contraine) of hip hop, and the artwork reflects this. His release "The Best Part" before this is quintessential underground new york hip hop at it's best. It took forever for his stuff to hit the streets for some reason.

Originally posted by Jay Kahrs
I guess the hardest thing for me to do is anything I don't like or understand. Rap is one of those things. I don't listen to much of it because I don't really "get it". And since I don't get it I don't work on it. Why should I make another bad album in a genre I don't like? Someone else will do a better job on it then I will. I do listen to Dre, Tribe, and some other stuff.
I strive to never make a bad record in any genre of music. I'm sure you do to, but why not try to identify what you don't like about the genre of music and change it to your liking? If you don't like programmed drums, play live drums to it. If you don't like samples, play live instrumental to it and so on. Perhaps I'm being a little naive, but your point is taken.
Hell, I don't engineer anything I don't want to. (esspecially post gigs)

Originally posted by Jay Kahrs
DJ Shadow's first disc is prety cool but that's more trip-hop or electronica then rap.
Considering there were no real raps on the 1st Shadow record, I have to agree. Hell, I know people that call OrganizedNoize (Outkast's main production crew) 'electronic'. However, I was referring to the other projects Shadow (AKA Josh Davis) has worked on such as Blackilicious, UNKLE, the stuff with him and cut chemist, etc...