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These articles are pseudo-scientific, full of both formal and informal logical errors. We have errors of causality: 432 has mathematical relation to the ancient Mayan number X, therefore A as 432 is related to ancient Mayan spirituality. We have errors of chronological causality: I had X bees pollinating my garden and I put a sound generator running at 432hz and now I have more bees, therefore 432Hz attracts bees, therefore 432Hz is more in tune (no pun intended) with nature. We have informal logical error of association: ****s enforced 440Hz (probably not even true), ****s are bad, therefore 440Hz is bad, therefore 432Hz is good. And we have my favorite illogical argument - the nonsensical argument: Have you ever tasted water that is 432Hz? We have argument of partial truths: 432Hz is lower in frequency, therefore there is more room for overtones; and 432Hz is lower in frequency therefore it has less high frequency content, and therefore is less stressful.

I'd be interested in seeing an article on this that actually works sensibly. In addition, I believe the international standard for A above middle C has been changed to 441.