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Originally posted by bbchessman
The hardest thing to record is a keyboard player who wants to use patches that are totally unsuitable for recording. Specifically patches that are over saturated with effects. They can't understand why something that sounds good on their headphones at home will muddy up a record real bad.
That's true for many things though. I have a rough time with guitar players who's tones are wildly different and don't mesh well with the other player, let alone the rest of the stuff in the band. The players who have a Digicrap 101 effects at once pedal are the worst. Sometimes they have a good sound but that's 1 of 100 players who use them.

I guess the hardest thing for me to do is anything I don't like or understand. Rap is one of those things. I don't listen to much of it because I don't really "get it". And since I don't get it I don't work on it. Why should I make another bad album in a genre I don't like? Someone else will do a better job on it then I will. I do listen to Dre, Tribe, and some other stuff. DJ Shadow's first disc is prety cool but that's more trip-hop or electronica then rap.