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Originally Posted by nukmusic

looking for any info, website, books that may help me understand the basics of audio for film and/ or post work. Future plans are to add(upgrade) audio or video gear to do small projects such as audio or editing for commericals, short films, or music videos to much the studio more attractive to other clients besides music. If I like what I read, I'm going to seek more indepth training.

Any help or comments would be nice. Thanks.

main gear would mostly like be focused around an ICON based Protools system
I don't know of any books, but an idea would be to go hang for a day or half day if you can at your largest or best local post house.

There are a lot of similarities to music audio. However, post IMO has a lot more guidelines and rules to follow...and I would guess that it's a big help to watch other peoples work flow to gain ideas of what works best for you, and how they handle printing tracks, stems, music, sound efx, etc.

Also you need to understand the level structure and that you don't peg 0dbfs. Things are definately getting hotter, but a lot of people aren't peaking past -10dbfs. How you hit compression and limiting is a bit different. Mono is definatley a priority. You should pay attention to the big picture more than the details. So much detail gets lost coming out of tv speakers after a broadcast. I spend a lot of time mixing at very low levels in mono on auratones.

Calibration is also at -20dbs, which is dangerous if you are used to giving a lot of level into your AD.

I only have experience with tv and not film. Audio for a feature probably has a bit more freedom in regards to levels and dynamic range.