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Old 8th March 2003
When it comes to mixing, I don't think there is category of music which is really difficult(my vote if I had one would go to European alt-pop where you are mixing 96 tracks of live music and synth tracks combined with tons of vocals and effects).

In the way things work today, most mixers mix the same styles all the time. You develop a sysytem(same gear hookups,effect patches, console and speakers you are familiar with). I mix a lot of pop/rnb and after mixing the same style over and over, it becomes almost second hat.

I do agree with E-cue though, in order to continue to get work you have to be creative and innovative with your mixing style. It goes the same for rock(even though its less tracks). Clients want to feel like you are doing something different/special even though they bring you a CD and want it to sound like "X".

Sometimes its more mind games and name dropping than anything.grudge