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I mostly use a Sans Amp PSA-1, starting with the 'SVT' preset and adjusting it from there.
When it's not in use elsewhere, I'll DI the bass with the Little Labs IBP and then go to the PSA, although using the PSA input is surely o.k. I just hear a difference in clarity and bottom end. (although the IBP is great for phase adjusting, I use it even more as a straight DI, it's killer)
I really like the dbx 160VU for bass, it was rather expensive getting a pair of these but applying 'just a tad' of compression with the 160 makes a big difference. Set it to almost no gain reduction, it works equally well on kick and snare.

More often than not, the best sounds seem to come from plain Fender Jazz and Precision basses. I do mostly Americana/Roots rock-stuff that most often has acoustic guitars somewhere in the mix- and nothing beats a great player with a Fender bass, IMO. Actually, I convinced some folks to put 'Fender bass' in the credits, like they used to do in the old days.....

Like always, checking the mix in one speaker mono really helps, especially with kick/bass 'marriage counseling'.

I use quite a bit of Low Pass filtering too, often it will give more roundness to the bass.

Kick feeding a bass sidechain compressor sometimes works great, but even more often not. Just experiment.