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Originally Posted by PaRaNoId
Like the title says...
I have been rather faithful to using 57's, 421's or occasionally e604 on top snare. Got sick of having to gate or de-ess the hat out of the mic, which always created weird pumping/squashing efx in order to isolate the snare. This e609 has amazing separation (supercardiod) and the sound has a bit more "snap"--- another very welcome characteristic. Takes better to compression and gating much better than the std. 57. Only problem is that it takes up more real esate and may not work with all drummers setups. Anyone else diggin the e609 on snare?

BTW- i bought the e609 originally for elec. guitars, but was SEVERLY dissapointed with it on every rig i tried it on- sounded spitty and edgy, almost like someone EQ'd it with a crappy-ass plug-in...but on snare it's tite, toight, tight heh
Turn it off axis when micing guitar cabs.