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Old 11th July 2005
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yeah...I gotta studio. Not huge by most standards but I think for the money, we got something special here. How's business over there? I get enough to keep me busy, plus my band is recording an album here (alot of time invested so far...) I see u have alot of the same OB gear and ITB gear that i do...
I LOVE the sonalksis stuff on everything except drums]
LIKE the presonus BlueMAx comp on kick drum and bass guitar, occasuonally on vox (normally female)
Presonus TubePre stuff works fairly well for acous gtr, toms and hi-hat IMO
RNC works awesome on evrything but bass guitar and kick drum
FMR RNP is the best peamp for the money PERIOD (OH, vox, guitar, di bass, etc)

And yes, i should be sleeping!