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kick is too clicky, weak and just not sitting right in the mix. Same with Toms.

Snare is ok sounding but too consistent (sampled I imagined?) Try opening up the dynamics of each hit.

These are programmed drums right? Try making them sound not so consistent. Some tips for you.

Guitars, weak and thin. Retrack them. Get a better performance, and that little fill (with the squeal) has to go or be more solid when playing it.

Bass, it's too bumpy, muddy (could be my speakers but I hear too much 150-200HZ going on... kill that and try 100 or even 80hz)... give it life in the 1.5 - 2k region.

Vocals, asides from them sounding like the cookie monster (I had to say it) needs to be controled a little more. Dynamically it's going up and down. same when the backup comes in.

Good Luck,

Mastering should be put aside until these are fixed.