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Interesting - a couple of guys seem to imply that there are original sounds, but then lump several artists together, like "Jah Rule/J-Lo/Ashanti style" or the "Timbaland/Missy/Hampton sound". a few years ago I was assigned to write about a team of hip-hop producers (unfortunately, I can't remember the guys' names or anything specific about them other than that their office was on Madison Avenue), and one of the things they impressed upon me was that they wrote the tracks and then gave those tracks to the artists to write raps over.

In that case, it seemed that whatever production values exist come primarily from the production team and not from the artist. Does it still work that way with the artists that y'all mentioned above? Is this an accurate depiction? And actually, a whole bunch of the Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis productions have an identifiable sound, no matter who the artist is...

And I will pick up a Nelly record the next time I'm out - that's the guy with the band aid, isn't it? I've heard a couple of his singles, but not a whole CD's worth.