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nice bit of virtual ink on EAR's room at the CES from the Stereo Times site

Talk about impact! The EAR room was home to what was easily one of the most effortless and dynamic sounding
systems I ran across this year. I was standing outside the room waiting for a colleague to join me when I heard a
Flamingo dancer go into his routine in the room at the top of the stairs. Well, as I got closer and finally entered the
room, I discovered that it was a magical system creating those sounds, and not a gifted Spanish dancer. The room had
unintentionally passed the LIAR test - Listening In Another Room.

It was so real and vigorous sounding that it physically startled Dan Meinwald, who had entered from another adjoining
room during a bit of a lull in the recorded performance. He literally had a "Fight or Flight" start when the dancer resumed
his ferocious stomping and stamping on an obviously wooden dance floor. Man, what didn't this system do right?

The 'table was the ($18,000) air bearing, Townshend Rock Reference Master with a $3,000 Helius Omega tonearm fitted
with a van den Hul Colibri. This arm features a completely new bearing layout, allowing energy to pass from the arm tube
directly to the armboard for dissipation. Damping is achieved via a paddle mounted at the headshell that traces through a
fluid filled, retractable trough that swings in over the record after it is placed on the spindle!

The phono section was Tim de Paravicini's new solid-state $3,600 EAR 324 (which I am listening to as I type) that was
developed from the work done creating the transformer coupled EAR 312 preamp. Amplification was via the $35,000 pair
of simply extraordinary-looking and resolute Paravicini (EAR) M100's, 100 watt, single-ended solid-state monoblocks, also
new from the mind and hand of Tim. I know what you are thinking, was all this solid-state stuff really from tube guy Tim
de Paravicini of EAR? Yes, you read right. And I have to tell you, this gear is simply astonishing.

The EAR room, featuring all solid-state electronics from EAR designer Tim de Paravicini, was another magical room

Finally, as if that weren't enough, the Martin Design Coltrane speaker coupled the rich and authoritative current to the air.
These $40,000 a pair speakers feature a 1 piece carbon-fiber cabinet, a diamond tweeter and ceramic mids and woofers
from Accuton.

I cannot tell you how utterly this system managed to stir me with its ability to recreate dynamic contrasts that approached
real world events and microdynamic shadings as articulate as the lead instrument or voice when recorded as such. Punch
and impact? Oh yeah. What about harmonic color? In Technicolor! Focus? You bet. Coherence? In spades. Body? Like the
musicians and instruments were in the room. Get the picture? This was one mighty fine sounding system, virtual
show-goers. Keep and eye out for the full review of the EAR 324 sometime soon.

I'll never have these sorts of toys with my income... Oh well, back to editing recitals...
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