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Yeah, I considered the KSM series, but will likely try and push for either the SM94 or the SM81. It's a school environment, so I have a feeling that a pair of KSM137s or KSM109s would bite the dust...
What in the world are you basing that on? Are you assuming because the sm81 is more expensive that it's somehow superior as far as durability is concerned? If you actually held both mics in your had(sm81 and ksm109)you'd realize that build quality is nearly identical. Both are hefty mics and built to last. If something were to cause the ksm109 to bite the dust then it would probably cause the sm81 to bite the dust as well. As an example, my 109's have fallen over on the stands(8 feet in the air)several times because of drummers not being careful. Every single time they hit squarely on the concrete floor yet the mics continue to work flawlessly.