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Anyone heard the Voodoo Hex or Witchdoctor amps?

Hey, I'm just in ultimate-high-gain-tone-seeker mode and stumbled across the Voodoo amps. Every review seems to say it will cure disease and make strippers fall in love with you so I am curious if any of you career engineers have run across one of these amps and what your thoughts are.
I like the basic tones of the dual recto's but good god they're harsh on the highs. Maybe that's why they're used so much...because they can cut through???... I have a VHT Hundred CLX currently which really shines on the more 80's-90's ish sounds, but it's tough to get a real tight, percussive chunk sound from it and have had little luck recording with it...even with a nice ribbon mic/57 combo and Vintech pre's.
The Engl's are also one that, from what I've read, may be in my ballpark, but then again, here's an amp that everyone supposedly loves, but I can't hear it until I buy it.
I do like buying from the little guy if he makes a good product so I guess I'm searching for some impartial opinions from anyone who's heard these amps.