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Originally posted by Dave Martin

And since I thought about it, bib [sic.] bands aren't that hard to record if they're great players playing good arrangements - you don't even need that many mikes. And bleed can be your friend.

Of course, the musicians have to commit to the solos that they play live...
Amen to that, Dave. Great way to record a big band:

- 1. Walk into a great sounding room.
- 2. Throw up a couple of 44s in front of the horns.
- 3. Throw up a couple of 4011s in front of the kit.
- 4. Throw a C24 in the piano.
- 5. Foam wrap a KM84 and stuff in the bridge of the bass.
- 6. Push record.

Well, maybe not quite that easy, but you get the idea.