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Old 8th July 2005
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I'm getting a little sick of waiting for was supposed to come out early 2005....what happened? I currently use Machfive on my G5 and its cool but I've had a lot of issues with compatibility with some of the libraries out there. First of all a majority of sounds out there don't support the Machfive. EXS24, Kontact, Giga, support! When you use the more complex programs like the VSL or Sonic Implants stuff which has key switches, release samples, velocity switches or any other type of performance tools for expression, none of that works in the Machfive. All you get is basic samples assigned to keygroups and if anything velocity switching. The strength in a lot of the better libraries rest in the expression the programs offer through different tools....and when you use Machfive you lose most of it. I'm ready to switch to Kontact or the EXS.