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i've never done a direct A/B with the harbeth. however, i certainly think what U have heard about the harbeths being incrementally more 'open' may be true. of course if U want those qualities with the S3/5, U get the 'se' version of the speaker. thruth be told, tho', i think the S3/5se loses a bit in immediacy over the standard model.
i LOVE the PMC driven w/ bryston.
i'm still struck with the midrange of the quad ESL. the speaker design is now almost 50 years old and along w/ some of the speakers that U have mentioned (probably Ur dunlavy's as well), is still one of the most palpable speakers in the mids.
Much thanks for the info. Now I really have to try the PMC's since I run Bryston. Which PMC did you try? Also, the S3/5 is sealed, correct. I might trade in the S1's on the S3/5 since the rear port on the S1 is a problem where placement's concerned.

Never had the pleasure of hearing the quad ESL's.. nor any electrostats for that matter. I've heard many good things about them, but for now they're on my list of gear to try wherever I can find it. Different technology, but Maggies have always interested me, as well.

The Dunlavy's are interesting beasts. I have a pair of SM-1's.. huge, sealed MTM design using matched, common Vifa drivers. IMO, they don't really have the same magic mids as the Spendors, but they are seamless, very precise imaging, very believable. They do seem rather dependent on the room , though. For instance, in room, vox doesn't really sound like the singer's right there, not like the Spendors. Step out of the room and I could be fooled, though. So, I wouldn't be surprised if someone with a better room might not have a different opinion on that matter. Anyway, great speakers if you have the space for them (due to the MTM driver config and spacing between the drivers, they really should be set up about 2.5m+ from the listening position).