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Hi Dr, first post here.

Just wanted to say that this is a clever + great tool, it was needed.

Although it could be all done manually, it would require extra channels, plugins and valuable time spent on setting it all up.

Definitely worth the asking price, and I would add that at that price - people will love you even more.

There is nothing like this out there.

Hadn't had a chance to demo yet - but will do so when I get a minute.
Oh yes, I know what it does indeed


Kids, this tool should be number on on your shopping list, especially if you want to learn a bit more about mono/stereo - phasing, delays, tilting and so on...

That's the next step for many of you out there. As I read... Filters, dynamic processors, reverbs etc... it's all good, but you need to learn what to do with it, where and when to do it, and possibly why.